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Post Two - Knitting Post

Maybe you only get to see one ... sorry about that.

Ok a quick reflection:

2-17's gem: "If you're keen to teach some kids to knit and wondering when to start, think about their other abilities..." SPM goes on to describe the ability to write and read and understand code. Which are needed to maneuver needles and read a pattern. But what she fails to note is their mental ability, to deal with frustration and patience to handle the time it takes to be good and complete a project. Also there's expectations of the difficulty to knitting, for a child watching in awe as you knit may have an expectation that knitting is easy...

With that in mind I'd like to say hi, and I hope Lori is doing well with her knitting. Are you? I have plans the next couple Saturdays ... but maybe the 14th? A coffee shop or a knit shop with open knitting? Vague plans right followed up with some Rock Band with James?

Ok what's been completed? A pair of socks for my dad. They look huge when I'm holding them in my hand, but when I put them on my feets, they didn't seem so big. They will be VERY warm (worsted weight yarn and all) and they are machine wash and dry.

I made some yoga socks for me. I really want to start yoga again. I've slacked off on the work-out front. Not been so good on my diet (too much chocolate not enough veggies) and yeah. I think I'm destined to bounce up and down these 15 lbs for the rest of my life. As long as I stay b/w a size 10 - 14 I think I can handle that wardrobe. Here are the yoga socks I lost the first one while working on the second so they don't quite match (along with losing my second size 2 circ) so they don't quite match. But that's ok, my feet don't quite match either. They'll keep my feet warm while keeping a firm grip on the floor.

I finished a pair of mittens for MR. She likes them, they were fun and quick to make. I really like the long cuff for functionality and for the fun pattern it was to make. It was a weave pattern, which is tricky but it's so pretty. Here they are:

I also finished a pair of smoke rings socks for myself. I don't care for the heel and I misread the project directions and made the foot a little short ... eep. but they work ok:

What's currently on the needles?
The L-block baby blanket ... only bigger and better and more masculine, an afghan for my brother. Now ... I have never finished an afghan before, am I worried YES. It's for his birthday and hopefully I'll finish by the end of March. It's turning our really nice. I like the colors (a big thank you to the super bowl crowd at Mosaic for helping me) and I doubled up the yarn and went up to a size 13 needle, after finishing 3 squares. So I have a start to another blanket once I finish this one? I don't know. Here's a quick picture:

A late birthday present for Patty (she was on Jan 1, but having a birthday so close to x-mas you need to space it out). I wanted to knit her some socks, but I ALWAYS pick out blue colors for her. I don't know if she likes that or not, but I pulled together some of the yarns I was thinking about for her, and a pile of sock books and my trip to GB last weekend made her pick something out. She picked out the Cupcake colorway (seen here) for a pair that is kind of ribby. I picked the pattern out and because of the pooling I'm getting I might rip it back. But I haven't seen a lot of pictures of cupcake knitted up... so I'm not sure how it will/should pool. I've already ripped them out and will start again... hmmm I don't know what I'm going to do, but here's the yarn ... so pretty.

In the future: Danny, Goji's buddy wants a red scarf; I want another pair of socks for myself; Goji should get a pair of socks; and I have a ton of pink yarn ... sweater for me?