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Penguin - Big Eyes
Stitches Midwest is this weekend - happening in my backyard. 8 blocks from work really.

Gonna play with some fiber people - best weekend of the freakin year!


Penguin - Big Eyes
It's Saturday! My olympic event of the day is coffee drinking - go!

Writer's Block: A Bright Idea

Penguin - Big Eyes
What do you want to invent?

Yarn that weaves in it's own ends :-D

Writer's Block: People’s Choice

Penguin - Big Eyes
Who is your favorite celebrity right now?

I am diggin the doctor - Matt Smith

Tick Tock
Penguin - Big Eyes
What is your favorite holiday carol or song?

I love that song in the Muppet Christmas Carol. "It feels like Christmas" it pops in my head TOO often year round...

zombie apocalypse.

Knitting - Instructions
The walking dead has me thinking - what skill do you have to be worthwhile if the zombie apocalypse happens.

Mine? I can make fabric... and yarn/string out of fluff.

I have a knit only blog - you can see it here ...

I won a grab bag from Skacel for knitting this cute scarflet. I need to block/wash it and it'll be going to a girlfriend who needs a little hug. Awesome.


Writer's Block: One sweet day

Penguin - Big Eyes
What’s the sweetest experience you’ve ever had?

Appleton did a chocolate crawl for Valentines day - they probably still do it. YUM!!

Writer's Block: Love hurts

Penguin - Big Eyes
What’s the best way to mend a broken heart?

As the numbers girl - I'm going to say WRITE IT OUT. Write a letter to the other person, write one to everyone that you think you need to. Don't mail them - but just write it. It feels so good to have it in your hands.

Tuck it away - then when you are ready - let it go, preferably in flames

A great day!

Candy - Pill-z
Went to Great America (6 flags) with Greg's sister. Graduation present. Those fast pass things are great. I still have giant blisters on my feet, but it let us go on ride so much faster! Yay! Plus, we got to ride the wooden coaster American Eagle backwards! Hurray!

Good day! - Now it's almost time for the local sock summit! I have been reading about sock summit and thinking - why didn't I go? I should have gone! Who cares about being fiscally responsible! Yeah, I'm going in 2013 if it happens. I WILL go. Don't let me forget how much I want to go now.-

Writer's Block: Practically amazing

Penguin - Big Eyes
If you could have a power that helps you with day-to-day living, like the ability to always get a seat on the bus, what would choose, and why?

I would chose the power to always be on time for mass transit.

Planes, Trains and Buses. Oh it would be glorious :)